When readers give stories a star rating, who actually gets this information?


I know after a certain number of chapters of any story readers are usually asked to rate how many stars they’d give it out of 5, but what actually gets done with this information? Like, it doesn’t seem like this information is reported back to the author so why does Episode bother asking in the first place? It just seems weird to not allow authors to know what the average rating of their story is, especially if knowing would help them improve their content. Does anyone have any thoughts on this or know how Episode uses the star-rating system to benefit authors?


I couldn’t agree more!


As far as I know the stories featured on weekly shelves are selected based on reader retention, Instagram recommendations and ratings. So it’s probably an information only for Episode, however I agree it would be cool if the authors could see it.


Okay. Thanks so much!


I totally agree, authors should be able to have more information about their story’s rating! This could help us improve and know what people think about it!!