When should an artist start commissioning?

So as some of you may know, I’m an artist but I’ve only been drawing for almost two years now.

I’m not confident in my art so I take requests but one of my friends said to me recently to start taking commissions as my art is good enough to commission.


When should an artist start taking commissions?
What do newly commissioning artist charge?

This is my most recent art piece to show my art progress.


@LovelyLoren or @Eva_Diva1 might be able to help (sorry if you don’t want to be tagged) :blob_sun:

Whenever the artist wants to. You need to be confident. And your example is amazing, you can start commissions whenever you’d like (plan everything out first, like where to pay (ex. paypal) and what everything costs). If you go on DeviantArt or any other artists from IG, they list their prices and you could use that to help determine how much you want to charge. I think that when you’re an artist, you should take a risk and start commisions without holding yourself back. And from the sales you generate, you can see how well you’re doing. But even if you don’t recieve a request right away, don’t get discouraged.


@JemU776 is absolutely right, be confident in your work, look at other artists examples and prices and determine what your prices are. Don’t underestimate your work, wait for the right buyer and don’t let anyone try to bargain with you and lower your price. Art takes time and patience and deserves the right price.

Your art is definitely at the level of commissions. Be patient with requests, they don’t come right away but the right commissioners will find you x
There is always room for improvement in your art, I’m still polishing up too, and you can increase your price.


This is really good!!! You should definitely be confident!

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whenever you fell like you are good enough. there is also the thing you need to consider how much time you spend on it. and if the time spent is worth the money

lets say you wanna take 1 dollar an hour. and the artwork someone has commission took 20 hours. but the quality is not worth more than 5. then you can either sell your art for 25 cents an hour. or sell it to over price.

I do have a pretty good video of price of art.


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