When should I set my story?

I am wanting to write a story for the new Another World contest, but am not sure when I should set it. It’s about a young couple who have to fight to be together when everyone tells them its wrong as they live in a world where couples are put together by a government compatibility test. I was thinking it could go one of 2 ways, here they are:

  1. I could set it in the present as I know about it and would be able to encorporate national and international events more easily, or …

  2. I could set it in the future and create a whole new set of laws, ideals and my own events.

Which do you think would be easier for me? :slight_smile: xx

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the future for sure! have fun creating your characters own little land, it’s your story after all!!

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Okay thanks, its going to be set on Earth (obvs) so I might make it a bit dystopian i.e. change even basic laws to make thhis future vastly different, does that make sense?

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