When should they meet?

Hello, episodians! Quick question, I’m thinking of letting the MC meet her love interest in episode two, but I’m still not quite sure whether readers will get bored on not meeting them in the first episode. What do you recommend?

  • First episode, would like to get to know my love interest straight away
  • Second Episode, want to get to know my char first.

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Thanks! Also, I’m not sure if it is the right category hehe :sweat_smile:


They could always meet in the first episode, if that’s what you want. But meeting early on doesn’t necessarily mean that anything romantic has to happen right away.

Maybe they build a friendship first and find themselves falling for one another… later in the story?! Or maybe they like one another from the very start, but don’t really want to start anything until they’ve gotten to know one another better, first?!

There’s so many ways in which you can build a slow burn relationship from a first meeting. :blush:


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I like this idea. You could also just introduce the MC and her life mostly and meet the LI and leave it on a cliffhanger :slight_smile:

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