When the MC talks to the camera

In any story that is NOT comedy, do you all like it when the MC or any other character breaks the fourth wall and directly addresses the viewer? I’m trying to decide whether or not to incorporate this, to a degree, in my story. I won’t overuse it - that can get kinda annoying - but how would you, as readers, like it in small doses?


I’m not too fussy about a character in the story speaking to the reader but like you said, definitely not too much. I find it funny when writers use it in an intro or outro. But personally I would prefer it not be in the actual story if I had a choice.


Fourth Wall lover over here~ I love stories that break the fourth wall!

The only time where I dislike when the MC breaks the fourth wall is they are explaining “this is my friend Stacy, we’ve been friends since Kindergarten!”


i love stories that break the fourth wall unless it’s introducing the characater and the beginning of a story.


Here’s a great video resource on 4th wall breaks: