When ur computer wants ur downfall

Episode don’t want me succeeding😪
Also I didn’t know what category to put this in :sob:


It’s okay!! Just try to save again! It will work eventually :rofl: or if it rly stays consistent just copy it and reload, you may be signed out automatically and have to sign in again. Then everything will be just fine


i get this issue aswell.
to overcome it you can either

  1. save it without previewing it
  2. copy your script and paste it into a word doc. refresh ur page then paste it back onto episode then save it.

i emailed them about this issue and the guy was helpful at first then a lady took over and she just brushed the issue under the rug kmt :sob::person_facepalming:


:sob::sob::sob:thank you

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I get this a lot and it’s often due to being signed out randomly!
make sure to save your progress and refresh, it should automatically fix.
when writing stories, I find it’s easier to have a copy of each episode in wordpad until I’ve finished the episode and satisfied with it :smiling_face:


Thanks for the encouragement and tips! I’ll give it another shot and keep trying. If all else fails, copying it and reloading sounds like a solid plan. Appreciate your help!

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Ah, I see what you mean now! It sounds like you’re personifying your computer a bit humorously, suggesting that it’s causing you trouble or inconvenience intentionally. It’s a playful way of expressing frustration with technology when things aren’t going smoothly. It’s important to remember that computers don’t actually have intentions or desires like humans do; they simply follow instructions, and when things go wrong, it’s usually due to technical issues or errors in programming. But it can definitely feel like your computer has it out for you when it’s acting up!