When viewing another scene, the overlays for that scene show up in the wrong place?

Hey there! So when I enter another scene with overlays, it shows them for a brief moment then goes to the place I coded them to go. On my computer viewer, it transitions smoothly and this doesn’t happen but on my phone. It looks very weird. Why is that?

What do you mean? Could you give an example please?

You need to use the @overlay create method, it saved my life
It does the brief flash, right?

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Yes! Its so annoying!

Use @overlay create method if you’re using an overlay during the middle of a scene, or use this method if you’re using an overlay in the beginning of a scene

INT. BACKGROUND with overlay to 1.000 0 0

Instead, you’d switch the numbers to the corresponding ones!

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Ah, I’ll have to try that now!

Okay, I’ll try that. Thank you!

Wait, what do you mean corresponding numbers? :sweat_smile:

Here’s an example
So what Jassie wrote up there, will give you the flash effect.
Because, the scene starts with the default scale and coordinate (1.000, 0 0)
So, for the overlay to not flash this is what you do!

INT. COFFEE - DAY with TABLE CAFE to 1.612 -48 -34

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Oops, I meant to reply to Aims, sorry Jassie! :joy:

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Thus, the scene starts with the overlay already spotted! :blush:

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Are those coordinates the position of the overlay?

Scale = how big the overlay is, usually the 1.000 number
Coordinates = The two digit number of where the overlay is, the 0 0 number or whatever it may be once you position it!

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I’ve tried doing that but when I have many overlays in a scene, It doesn’t allow me to code for some reason so I’d have to use @overlay create instead but it still shows?

Is there an error when you do it like that? Or you run out of line space?

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I run out of line space :sweat_smile:

My advice would be to code it on a different page then, like on the notepad of a pc or something, then copy and paste it onto the episode script :slight_smile:

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But, overlay create is marvelous when you’re placing an overlay into a scene during the middle of it, I like to add my overlays to the title when I need the overlay there at the beginning

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Thank you so much! I’ll try it out and let you know! Btw, I love your story!

Wait :sweat_smile:
So what would the coding be for this scene?

@overlay 6593288886550528_INT.PUNCHINGBAG shifts to 42 160 in zone 2
@overlay 6593288886550528_INT.PUNCHINGBAG scales to 1.000 1.000 in zone 2