When was the last time episode published a good story?

Seriously, guys, this is an epidemic ( no pun intended) and it needs to be stopped. All the stories are jumpy and cliche as ever. And you have to pay like 30 gems for stupid choices. I also wanna talk about how they promote stories that are actually kinda good and they turn them into these jumpy ass stories that make no sense when you think about it. Shit, there’s another issue: im tired of seeing the token black best friend or the token gay best friend. How about you have a black protagonist or a gay protagonist? Or both! Shit I don’t know I want to know what you guys think about this. Please stay on topic



they just made a serve where asked opinions on story ideas and all of them were cliche stuff I had seen 100 times before

I am actually making a story (not published) with a (light) black MC (but also has cc) reason shes black is because I got the idea when I watched the first add for wizards unite app, the girl in the app is black and I decide to make MC look like her

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