When will Episode approve backgrounds?


It’s been days since my backgrounds got approved lol


It usually takes them about week or maybe longer.
That’s how long it took my to be approved.


Yesss, I can’t update my story without my backgrounds being approved


when i started writing they would approve backgrounds in 24 hours, two days at most now its taking so long lol


They usually approve my backgrounds in about five days


I have seen three days? Has it changed?


One day someone will explain to me what exactly they check to take so long. What, are you trying to figure out if pixels have copyright?


There are copyright issues but I don’t get how they take that long to figure out what is good and what is not.


I mean, they should just see if it respects the rules of the community, since those who upload a background agreed that there will be no copyright issues with what they’re uploading. (Can’t blame them, tho. I would not trust about it either.)


People do claim there are no copyright issues but there can be and sometimes they deem certain BGs and overlays inappropriate.


It’s literally what I just said.


Got it.