When will the new character tech coming out?


I’m not trying to rush but the Instagram episode account has been leaving some hints and stuff.

When asked when the update comes out they respond with “very soon”

WHAT DOES THAT MEAN IN EPISODE LANGUAGE? in a month? In a week? Over the weekend?

I’m so excited. I don’t know how much longer I can take it.

Do you guys have a rough idea when it might come out?


I’m on episode 6 of my story and I want to add all the new features to it before I publish it :blush:


me too! im working on my first story and wanna do a character reveal for my IG but i wanna add some of the new stuff first. i wish theyd hurry up lol


what’s your story called?


Not to Hot (limelight) :blush:


I saw the insta post and shit myself thinking beards were available but LOL NOPE
I just wanna make my mans a hairy hunk :sob:


ill check it out :wink:


LOL ikr?


They’re really tryna milk this out AND it’s working (on me at least) lol


I hope it will be on the next Thursday update, but I think that’s wishful thinking :woman_shrugging: Maybe once the thriller contest is over?


on me too! lol


They’re saying soon but watch be a month, and after we long forgot the update is coming; BAM ITS HERE.


lol basically and i like your story so far! :smiley:


Thank you! :blush:




People are saying it’s coming Thursday
I don’t wanna wait that long :sob:


Holy cheeseballs… I thought you were talking about a new episode style lol.

Tbh tons of shade towards Episode; they make us wait forever for everything so I’m not counting on it anytime soon.

I do hope they continue to perfect LL for a long looong time and not drop it for another style. LL has so much potential and is already so amazing!!!


Hoping it’s Thursday! But then again, they did say they were coming out with dog overlays when the purse clothing item came out. And that was when the old forums still existed.


Jesse said it wouldn’t be out for a while yet. They only just started using it in their new story, so they’re probably still checking for bugs and such.


There is so much love for beards here I am shook :joy: