When will the new Hairstyles will be added (pls answer)

Hey guys! I have a question and pls answer ( sorry my grammar isn’t so good because English isn’t my native language)
I found a hairstyle while I was playing an episode story I really love it and I want to add it to my story but I can’t find it. the hairstyle name is Side Swept Wavy pls Help! thx

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this one?

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I think I know what one you are talking about. We recently got new hairstyles so it will be a couple of months. Any hairstyles we really want will probably take awhile for us to get since they want people to read their stories for stuff we don’t have.

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We meget new stuff evry thursday, but we dont know what we get. No one Can tell you when we get new hair.

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Which hairstyles? Do you have a screenshot of it?

Episode always has Art releases every Thursday. But we won’t know what they are releasing till they release it

no, I don’t. when my phone charge I will screenshot it


okay thx


Are you talking about this hairstyle?

Is it this one because if so it hasn’t been released so we need to wait.

YES! it is, I hope they release it soon

We don’t know when Episode will release it. They always announce releases on Thursday so you’ll just have to wait for it