When You Are Writing Your Story, What else Do You Do?


What do you do when you are writing your story? Are you listening to music as well? Watching a movie? I write my stories while listening to music, and maybe watching WWE. Lol.


I listen to my whole family talk loudly :rofl: gives me insparation


oh dang! lol Don’t you ever feel annoyed or like saying to yourself “Why the hell can’t they just stop talking already?”


No its weird :joy::joy::joy:


lol ahhahahaha family goals.


Listen to music, watch anime or talk to my boyfriend. He tells me funny stories about what goes on at his job and I sometimes add a couple of those things into my story :blush:


nice, and that is so sweet.


Wait a minute, did u say anime, oh yeah another anime lover in the house!! wooohooooo!!! lol


:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Yeeees! lol anime is life!


yassssssssssssssssss lol


Who said anime? Just so happens my boy on my pfp is from an anime.

I’m sorry.


yep he is!


Lol i go on forums, or talk to my sisters sometimes even play the nintendo wii. I think i’ll start listening to music so i actually focus


I am always drinking something either wine or coffee. Watching cartoons with my daughter. While writing.


I sometimes listen to music or sit in complete silence. I also sometimes walk around the room I’m writing to brainstorm and talk to myself as if I’m the characters.


niceeeee guys. lol oh and @HermanEpisode did you ask anyone else about that request or no.


Yes, I did




TV is a usually on and I’m on here :joy:


same with me right now. lol WWE IS ON LIVE BABY! Lol