When you read an episode story, can you tell when a gem choice is coming?

  • Yessss!!!
  • No!!!

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Every time I read a story by episode, i automatically know when their going to bring up gem choices, they always do it at the good parts and I find it sooo annoying >.<


It’s always like clothes and then something about impressing someone


Or to get a bonus scene, like I was reading the baby project and it said if I should spend the night in the cabin with the dude or go home, and of course spending the night cost about 20 gems that I don’t have. xD


I can tell when a gem choice is coming in episode stories because every single time there’s a choice it costs gems. Seriously, does it really count as an interactive story if every single choice costs gems?


:face_with_monocle: never even thought about it like that.


some super fun gem choice indicators:

“Oh- I totally bought you this fantabulous outfit for tonight! It’s absolutely stunning- you’ll definitely impress in this!”

“We could find some answers by eavesdropping on them.”

“We could sneak out and have a little fun together, nobody has to know.”

“She’s dying! Aren’t you going to save her?”


this is literally 100% true.


They make it so obvious!! lol


omg 20 people voted all yes lmAOOO


It feels good to know that we all agree on the same thing xD


YES! Cause they will freaking advertise it so well that you want to pick the gold choice, then you look at your bank account and mutter…Darn… LOL

Gold choice: Take a ride on a jet with Demi Lovato and have your songs written.
Me: NOPE! I’m broke.:cry:

Gold Choice: See this nice dress? It’s preeetty~!
Me: NAH! I need my gem for a better choice! :confounded:

Gold Choice: Come on. You know you what to see what those two love-birds are up too. HE WAS YOUR MAN FIRST!
Me: No, she was his first. For weeks until they broke up over some dumb crap. SHE can have him back. I honestly don’t care. In fact, we aren’t even together. He is just some canon love interest. :confused:


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