When you try to do normal edits


This is my attempt at doing a ‘normal’ edit xD I think I’ll stick to galaxy for now lol

Good day xox


haha, it’s not as bad as most peoples’ first try <33


thanks lmao XD


It is actually really good. A lot better than my first edit.


aww thank you xD I’m sure your first edit wasn’t that bad :slight_smile:


I love it


really? it was my first edit that’s in that style :sweat_smile:


I like one


Can you edit this


if you want me to xD


That’s pretty good for your first try :hushed:
Way better than mine anyway :sweat_smile:


aww thanks xD I’m sure your first try wasn’t that bad :slight_smile:


Can i see it


This is it lol I think it looked better before I edited it xD

Good day xox




I think I overdid it xD