When your backgrounds dissapear in YOUR backgrounds, does that mean they're dissapear

yesterday i chose some photo’s i wanted to use for backgrounds, but now i can’t find them back in YOUR BACKGROUNDS, does this mean they’re dissaproved or that they’re still in revieuw?

In both cases they should still be visible. If they’re still pending, you’ll see a yellow banner over the picture that says “in review”. If it has been declined, the picture has a red banner that says “declined” (or something like that).

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ohw :thinking: pretty weird :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I dont know what it could mean but, stupid i know, but have yoi tried refreshing or closing and opening again? I had an issue with my story disapearing but logging out then back in seemed to work. (Not that it mattered cause i never published :joy:)

:joy::joy: thank you so much :slight_smile: