Whenever I read Episode stories a question pops in my head

Does this happen in our real lifes? Does things happen this way ? Of course some things do because some stories are actually based on real life stories. But then there are some other things that annoy me.

I want to explain what annoys me not just in Episode stories but in movies , in cartoons in general.

The message of these movies and cartoons is that: You shouldn’t make an effort to get the things you want because they will happen if it’s written to happen .

Let’s take an example to understand what I want to say: This girl is given a job opportunity but she declines for some reasons. However , some things happen which force her to get into that job opportunity she declined.

Okay I admit I’m not good at explaining things especially when using examples but I guess you get the idea.

These kind of movies or cartoons give you the message to not try hard because eventually you will get what you want because you are the lead role . (Everyone is the lead role in their lifes ) The thing is that we get used to idea that everything will come to us easily . But no , it won’t.

I for example had some opportunities but I didn’t take them because I thought they would come again or smth would happen and I would accept this opportunity . (It’s like when you’re angry and your friend is trying to cheer you but you keep ignoring them because you think they will try even harder but instead they just leave ) .

I feel like no one will understand what I wanted to say but well I tried.

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No pain, no gain. :wink:

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You have a point there… :neutral_face:

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That’s why people need to realize that TV and stories are fake, they aren’t meant to convey real life they are meant to be an escape from real life. As long as you remember that life isn’t a TV show or movie then you should be fine.

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Yes but the problem is that when you are a child nobody tells you and you believe everything you see on tv . Later you find out but that comes with disappointment and many sad things which affect your life.

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I am obsessed with the truth, that is why I always questioned if it really is a good thing to lie to children about Santa Claus etc. It’s harmless, but do you not show your kids that telling something you know for good is not true is ok, after starting this off, who can say where it has to end? An excuse here, a little white lie there, even psychologists say that society needs polite lies to work, but is this the world we want to live in? :thinking:


This is kinda the reason why I always read Episode stories, watch TV shows, movies, cartoons etc with a non-realistic mindset. I can’t really have a talking tree or a raccoon in real life. I can’t expect a God crash landing on Earth waiting for his hammer and is dressed up in medieval costume. I guess…I watch and read those things to escape the reality sometimes. Because, we aren’t always that rigid and want to get away from the harsh real life. We all have those moments in life, right? Not everyone’s life is perfect, right?


Yes sometimes you really need to forget about real life and how hard it is and how it will always be harder .

But if the kids learn that life isn’t that easy as in cartoons they will have ui easier in life and theiife would be easier.

But still it depends from person to person.

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