Where are all the story reviewers?

Iโ€™ve been searching for the reviewers from this but I really canโ€™t find any.
Here used to be many threads :blush: what happened?

My story has already 14 chapters and still no reviweres here in the forum :hushed:

If anybody minds, please review my story :blush:


Thereโ€™s a list on the forums that has some reviewers and review shops. Thereโ€™s not a lot though anymore.

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as P said, thereโ€™s really not a lot anymore!! @Summi

i had to take a lot off that list, since the owners of the threads were just ignoring the stories that were left :see_no_evil:


Oh thatโ€™s sad. I at least closed mine after completing the list :neutral_face:


it is sad!!
i would suggest looking for some instagram groups/reviewers though, iโ€™m sure they could help!! <33

They take forever to reply :astonished::astonished: some never reply.

I guess the kids went to school and now have no time at all :neutral_face:

Sry if youโ€™re also going to school


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I would like to have a review please :blush:

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