Where are the Daily Rewards?

Not sure if this is a bug or not, but I had the daily rewards yesterday and now they are gone.

They’re gone for me too!

Same I cant get any

It’s probably a bug, you should contact Episode about it. They tend to respond within a short period of time. You could also try reinstalling the app and making sure it’s up to date. I’ve had issues in the past when it wasn’t on the latest version.

Thanks I’ll try :blush:

This isn’t a regular thing, they come and go like the option to buy unlimited passes

I am having this problem too. I have not had daily challenges is over a week which causing me to lose out on gems and on passes which means I can read less stories. Which is making me mad. I don’t know what to do accept wait it out. Last time I had a glitch with my profile. It wasn’t showing up and I couldn’t see anyone else’s profiles either. I sent out support ticket. They said they were sorry that it was a bug they were working in fixing I was not the only one with this issue. They didn’t do anything for me I just had to wait and wait till it finally fixed itself out of no where and then all the sudden my profile came back and could see others I follow as well but lost my daily challenges! Uhhhh so annoying and frustrating. But I feel why bother contacting the support system if they don’t do anything about it. It’s a waste of my time. In my opinion they should give everyone extra free gems and passes that have had this issue! It is not fair that we can’t read as many stories as we could having being able to do the challenges. I read a lot on here so I’m frustrated. Ohhh and I also am not being able to watch ads to make the time go faster to refill your passes which I had always been able to do up until last week. If anyone knows how to fix this let me know

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same i keep pressing on the daily rewards button but nothing pops up!

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hi uhm i have updated my episode app and i even restarted my phone for also a bunch of times and also the app i have contacted and reported this but all they said was they were gonna investigate the bug and it was a well known problem. A couple days have passed and yet there is still nothing. So my advice just wait most probably.

My daily rewards suddenly disappeared today??? I was only on day two and then the icon kept notifying me but the streaks disappeared.

Same here! The button for the daily rewards is there, but when i click on it it won’t show up and when i scroll it appears again. I tried redownloading the app, but the button still won’t work.

They disappeared for me as well a couple of weeks ago along with the videos you watch to cut the waiting time. They reappeared a few days ago.