Where are the nicer clothes? SUPPORT?

So I both create and read Episode stories like so many others.
Famous stories aside I see so many outfits that aren’t in the general portal for us all to use: (And no i’m not talking about INK outfits that I want in LIMELIGHT)

For Example:
1) I see a lot of the Demi Lovato story dresses in other stories like the gold and black triangular mosaic dress.
2) In Pitch perfect there are other dresses excluding the Pitch Perfect exclusives where are they?
3) Recently read “The baby project” and saw a cute white romper during the wedding portion and really liked it but alas it’s not open to us.
4) I read “In My Bed” and I saw many more options of lingerie like I think a pink and leopard set for the underwear party scene?

Other than the specifically mentioned Story exclusive outfits shouldn’t episode let us use the other clothes too? Variety aside some types of clothing don’t have enough variety e.g - LIMELIGHT only has one set of lingerie (the red lace).

Am I crazy for wanting this? Many people want more clothes and want to make their own. Making your own would be hard because it would need to work with all character animations but Episode could easily let us use some of the outfits which they currently aren’t right? :confused:


Some of them like the gold one the body on dress are on the portal but some outfits are joy in the portal because they are only for featured section.

Episode has already said outfits in featured stories or outfits that cost gems will not be released to the writers’ portal, as it was originally created for the stories that it is in and those stories only.

Stories that are not featured (EX: Clueless, Mean Girls, Pitch Perfect, Demi Lovato, Cameron Dallas, etc.), those clothes will be released later on, but you’ll probably be expecting LL clothes before INK.

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I think Episode will never release exclusive/gem assets from these stories because if they were available to everyone, the experience of wearing them in stories would be less special and unique, so there would be less appeal in spending gems on such assets. And then, Episode wouldn’t receive as much revenue from these gem choices. So I believe it’s mostly a business decision (I also think because the outfits are only used for short periods at a time, they are tested less and therefore can be buggy if released to the entire community).

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This suggestion might interest you here. (Release Gem outfits to readers)

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thank you for telling me

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