Where are you all from?

So I was wondering from where around the world everyone is :smiley:

  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Europe
  • South-America
  • North-America
  • Australia
  • Antarctica

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None of the above :joy:

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How can you be not from any of them ? there isn’t any more continents :thinking:

where’s California stand in north or south…sorry im a dumb ass and really dont know

In North America

i googled that beeeeeepppp and nothing

This may give you a rough idea:

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im just a dummy when it comes to the internet and geography


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It’s fine, you aren’t a dummy, don’t worry about it :heart:

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They decided they’re not from Earth :alien:

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glad i voted correctly before asking lmao


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Umm… Israel is in Asia…

Yes… and?

Off topic but is that a Kubz Scouts pfp? I love it :heart:

YES! it isssssss

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You voted Antarctica. Or nevermind, maybe you just know the languages spoken in Israel!

No, i was trying to be funny and sarcastic

Ok, sorry. My sarcasm is too low today.