Where are you from and what’s your fav food?

I’m a foodie and I love culture. So anyone care to share where they’re from and what their favorite dish(es) are?


Hi,! I’m from Belgium and I LOVE PIZZA!! :pizza:

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From London. I love chips ( not like crisps but chunky fries), typical English stereotype, I like Yorkshire puddings, fish and chips (without the fish) scones and margarita pizza

What’s a margarita pizza?

Hi :blush: I bet it’s so pretty there

Cheese and tomato without extra cheese

From NYC and my favorite food is an açaí bowl!

Canada :canada: #Canadians were you at??
Fav food: everything :blue_heart:

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ohhh I thought it had the alcohol in it haha

What part of NY?

I’m from USA and my favorite food is macarons!

I’ve never had that :sweat_smile: is it good?

I’m Bahamain and I looooove crab, stuffed crab, crab and dough, crab boils, crab cakes ect. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: you name it!

Yep, they have a lot of flavors like vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, etc

Sounds like I need to get on the macaroon train

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What’s crab and dough? Like biscuits?

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Bish from The Deep South and I just love Chicken

I’m from France :fr: and I prefer Asian food such as Vietnamese, Indian… But honestly I can survive on potatoes and tofu lol.

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Oh worddddd??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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