Where can I choose to create a limelight character?


After I press the buttom new character, it bring me to this page. Can anyone tell me where exactly I can choose to create a limelight character or a ink character?


You must have chose to create an ink story. You need to make a new one and make it LimeLight.


You need to start a new story and choose the limelight style for your story :blush:


OK thx guys :kissing_heart:


No problem!


No problem :blush:


Wow. We keep on putting the same thing :joy:




By the way guys, after I choose to create a limelight story, where can I delete the old one? :woman_shrugging:t2:
I’m quite a dummy. :joy: I don’t even know how to delete a story.


Can you take a screenshot of your home screen of the ink story you jut made?




I don’t think that it’s possible to delete it now :sweat: It looks like you saved your script and after that it’s not possible to delete stories :sweat:


Oh I see, thx anyways. :wink: