Where can I find a Car interior



I don’t know if I’m being blind but I can’t find a car interior? I can find the car seatbelt overlay. But not the car background.

If there isn’t one. how do I find one?

thanks so much xxxxx

Car Seat Background Needed

There’s no car interior bg on Episode originally. You have to find one and upload it


Thanks! Eek I’ve been looking for ages and can’t find anything royalty free! Episode definitely need to add this! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help though!


Hey if you are still searching well Joseph Evan’s website “Episode Life” has some cool backgrounds and I’m pretty sure he has a car one. I suggest you look in his website. :blush:



Please credit: @smilla.episode


Click on the images first, then right click, click on Copy Image Address, paste in your browser, save photo.

Car Background Needed Please

My pleasure, hun


Thank you for sharing these :heart_eyes:


Thanks so much for sharing these!! :smile: who shall I credit?


Well this is very exciting!


He also has other backgrounds that are definitely worth checking out!


No one :slightly_smiling_face: These are Episode’s own backgrounds.


OMG this is amazing! thanks so much! :smile:


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