Where can I find good quality BGs and overlays?

I know that a lot of editors had to close their drives recently and it’s been quite a while since I worked on a story, so I’m wondering where the best places to find backgrounds and overlays are? I’m using a computer, so it would be easier to have access to the drives here and I can credit them from IG and whatnot.

Please, and thank you!

There’s a few people on IG, there’s Pixabay, pngfly.com for overlays, @amepisode has both overlays and backgrounds to match (I’m so sry for tagging you so much AM😣, pls don’t be mad), and also m.jordan_episode on IG has a drive as well.

And there’s a few threads on here that has a list of others who offer backgrounds, just go to the search bar and type in free backgrounds.

Hope this helps!

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Not mad at all :rofl: I very much appreciate your support and promotion :kissing_heart: