Where can I find information regarding episodes rule on collaboration?

I heard that no more than two authors are able to collaborate on a story/account and I wanted to verify that myself but I can’t seem to find that information. I appreciate the help!

have you tried to search it up?

if not try to look at the guide lines

I read the content guidelines just before coming here and didn’t find anything related to my question, and I haven’t any other documentation either. But thank you :slight_smile:

Maybe ask @Jeremy

Even better! Thank you!

Hey there @littledove1420, Jeremy is no longer admin of the forum. I would recommend asking the support team via help ticket :smiley:

I don’t see anything related to it in the content guidelines either. I’ll be pretty disappointed if they come back to you with it as a new rule because I’ve been collaborating on a group story for the past week or so and we’ve all put a lot of time and work in while following the guidelines. :sweat:

How many members are in your group? Mine has like 11 or 9 I don’t recall the current number.

Oh, wow! Ours is only 3. That’s quite a lot of people. Impressive that you’ve coordinated together.

Lol we were at one point, I guess you could say we are restructuring once more.

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I think this is only a rule for contest entries. Regular stories are allowed to make more than 2 collaborators

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I think that maybe it… I’d still like to know the specifics as to why… Thank you for the info!

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This is the rule for crossovers. Crossovers are not collaborations

Thank you so much!