Where can I find overlays for beds/blankets/arms?

Where do people usually get their overlays from - like is there a popular place for them? Like having characters be under blankets on beds, or arms (limelight), or doors? Also with backgrounds, is there a particular place to find different angles of one background/scene? For example, if the scene is in school, one shot will be character1 talking towards character 2 with say, lockers in the background, and the next shot in character 2 responding with say…just a hallway, but it’s the same scene. Idk if that made sense. I’m kind of new at this :sweat_smile: thanks in advance!

People get overlays from the internet aka google. Lol.

For backgrounds, yes you can find from google as well, others create their own backgrounds for others to use but ppl have to credit them for their hard work.

@RudeInception has some on her Instagram @rude_in

https://www.instagram.com/rude_in/ 4

She has overlays and backgrounds that you can use just make sure you credit her if your going to use them.

I can do overlays if you need them?

If you’re using the episode given backgrounds, I have some blanket overlays you can use.

Can check out this thread where I give a list of people who provide backgrounds and overlays (can use them provided you give credit)

Also, this is an awesome website for backgrounds, and you can find overlays on it, too:

Good luck with everything!

i need them, i can’t find any bed overlays

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Ok send me the picture :call_me_hand:

i want bed overlays like this one images
The problem is i downloaded this one but when i want to upload it to my overlays i can’t find it, i don’t know why … ?
do you by any chance know what is the problem ?

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sorry i don’t know how to fix that but i can make a new one if you want?

i would be happy if you do ! thanks

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can you make me a new one ?

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Here it is, if you download it it should work :grin:

thank you

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All g