Where can I find Overlays



I was wondering if there is somewhere easy to source overlays?
I am looking for a few but wondered if I would have to make them myself.
Currently looking for a mans arm and a blanket.

Thanks in advance xxx


You could ask request overlays in resources or look online then remove their backgrounds. :slight_smile:


@episode.uwe has limb overlays (arms, hands, etc)

And I can find you a blanket overlay if you want, I just need to know the color


Amazing thanks so much! Im just looking for a white or cream blanket overlay. thanks again x


thanks :slight_smile: its trying to find free images that you can adapt… its taking me ages :tired_face:


No problem. Happy to help! :blush: I know right. :joy::woman_facepalming:t3:


Ok so I found a couple. You might have to edit a few things out, but they’re transparent so that’s always easier.image



This is soooooo helpful thanks so much!! Who shall I credit? Yourself? xxx


Yea loll, I’m the little overlay elf


thanks so much! that was amazingly fast and great help!!:heavy_heart_exclamation:



And yea, I’m thinking about opening an overlay request shop.


You definitely should! So helpful!! :tada::slight_smile:


I think I will :hugs:


If you’re still looking for a mans arm feel free to check out my website. :blush: I share a few arms in some skincolors. You find the link to my overlays on IG: @viasvitae


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