Where Can I Find Real-Life Backgrounds And Overlays?

Hello! I was wondering if any of you knows where to find real-life backgrounds and overlays, as I’m trying to write a somewhat realistic story and I didn’t want to mix it with non real-life backgrounds. Any help will be appreciated!


Hey! I have a drive with a few, here’s the link:

you can also look for free pictures on pixabay and unsplash and resize them

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Pixabay or pexels for bg

And cleanpng for overlays

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Wincy’s website! She has amazing backgrounds and overlays.

Most of the time pinterest pictures are reshared and there’s no way of finding out if it’s copyrighted, so it’s usually discouraged to find pictures through pinterest or google.

hey when we use pictures off your google drive do we credit you

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yes, there’s a readme file in the end of the drive explaining

Hey! I create backgrounds, you can check it out on Insta @elysian_epsd