Where can I find this dress the girl is wearing



Where can you get this dress i don’t get it. I don’t find it in the clotes


Its Black beach Day Romper (Dress)

I think


Its Black Beach Day Romper


where can I find it


Where can I find it and use in my story on ink characters


When you go to customize your clothing of the character there is where you can find it…


Where do you write your story in phone or in online writers portal?


on the computer and I don’t find that dress


Nope I don’t find it


Let me screenshot it…
So you will find it easily.


you can also go to the “recently updated” tab, and it should be one one of the first few rows.


Try these if you didn’t find it let me know… or anyone for that to matter.


Try typing the name in the outfit search box.


thx i found it now