Where can I find wolf overlays? Looking for black wolf and brown wolf overlays


I’ve been trying to find wolf overlays for my werewolf story, and I’m having trouble finding some. I’m looking for one that’s a tawny brown wolf and a black wolf.


I can try to make them for you!


Thank you so much. That would be so amazing!


I’ll do a few different ones and you can use what you want. Do you need baby wolfs also?




Now that I think about it I do need baby wolf overlays too. Thank you for bringing it up, and again thank you so much for helping me out with this. Do you possibly have an IG or Twitter I can mention in my story so I can give you credit?


bethany1991bradley and no problem!


Werewolfs or wolfs. Like fantasy werewolf or nature wolfs. @Bethany1 I may need your help to with that, please.


baby wolfs.


Is that your Twitter or IG name?


Sorry IG


I was looking for something similar to werewolves that look like actual wolves, but larger. Thank you for trying to help me out though. That is really sweet of you.




Found these



Thank you. Is there a way I can credit you like tagging your twitter or Instagram for example?


You don’t need to credit me!


I’d feel bad if I didn’t. Especially since you took time out to help me.


it’s really fine, it’s just an overlay.


Sorry to disturb you but could you make 3-4 backgrounds fro someone I said I would do it but I am too packed


It depends on what backgrounds. What are they?