Where can i get backgrounds

Hey can anyone recommend me sites or any instagram account where i can get backgrounds?

so dont follow this advice please, google has mostly only copyrighted images, which is against the rules to use.

I recomand pixabay, also amepisode on instagram have many backgrounds you can use, if you give credit.


Hey you can get some from pixabay, pexels, unsplash if you like realisitc and there are a lot of drive you can use. Episodelife is good. I will pm you some more

can anyone use pinterest? I mean I have seen many big authors use them in their stories

no i don’t think so as most pictures on pinterest are copyright


@angryybird on forums have amazing backgrounds

No we cant use pinterest either. I havent seen big authors use any. But if u like realistic unplash and pexels are great.

thanku so much