Where can I seek personal help?

Hi and I would like to know where I can seek personal help on writing an Episode story.


Hey, what do you mean by “personal help”?
If you mean :find someone to write with me/code with me, you’d go to the “find a writing partner” section.
If you are having trouble with an error-- Directing tips and tricks is a good place to check out and post in for help.

There’s also threads like “ask your stupid questions here” that both people in need and helpers post templates, problems, ‘dumb’ questions from new writers – I put that in " " because there are literally no dumb questions when it comes to doing something new.

For any technical problem (things relating to portal issues/app issues) you would go to the Report A Bug section and send in Support Tickets through the website to get help from Episode’s Tech Support.

These are a few topics I’ve made to help writers. Feel free to check them out. I throw in websites, computer program recommendations, character sheets, story writing/screenplay help etc)

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My friend is into writing episode stories too. As her words she told me that she contacts writers through social media individually in case of help. And also participate in forums. Otherwise you can also visit these sites https://shanniiwrites.com/2019/02/16/how-to-start-writing-episode-stories/, Episode Wiki | Fandom, https://penmypaper.com/, wikiHow: How-to instructions you can trust.


Lol you may need to @ her name. you replied to me :smiley:

Thanks for offering her help, too :slight_smile: