Where did my story go?!

I’m not sure if this is an error or a glitch or what –

I started a new story today just to play around in the character creator a bit. Then, I deleted the story…but now my OTHER story, which I didn’t even have open, is nowhere to be seen???

Please help! I lost so much work! :fearful: I’m freaking out a bit!

You need to click on MANAGE YOUR STORIES and you will find it :blush::ok_hand:

Oh geez, it took me a moment but I found them. There’s a lot of tutorial stuff on the side bar where the stories are listed, so I didn’t notice it. Is there a way to remove those tutorial/example stories?

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Unfortunately there isn’t :unamused:
But if your story isn’t published yet you can name it: 1Your stort title here

So it would be listed at the beginning. And change it before publishing :hugs:

You can support this idea here, so maybe it could be possible in the future :hugs::

Thanks for your help, I appreciate it. I’ll go leave feedback on that thread right away.

No problem :blush: