Where do I go to get the edits I make noticed?

Hey guys! I have always been curious how people’s edits get noticed. I use the hashtags like #episode #episodecreators #episodeforums but nothing happens. I tag Epidode and Episode creators but still nothing. I’m not an amazing editor but I do wonder how I can get my art featured.

Can someone help me please?

Thank you so much!

Here are examples of recent edits I made:


i think episode check the hashtag noticemeepisode

use the hashtag noticemeepisode and tag both episode and episodecreators in your posts :smiling_face:

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I did that :revolving_hearts:

the other thing to do is just wait! there are maaaany editors and artists, so it’s just a question of luck whether you get chosen early or later on :blob_hearts:

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Try #episodeedits #episodelife #episodeinteractive, the point is to use as many hashtags as possible and also, try getting people to repost your edits as well.

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True! But recently I noticed that a few people I know who just started editing got featured twice and I haven’t once.

I’m not complaining but I’m more curious what I’m doing wrong.

Here are the hashtags that I’m putting:

#episode #episodeinteractive #episodeinteractiveapp #episodeapp #episodechooseyourstory #episodecreators #episodewriter #episodeauthor #episodereader #episodereviews #episodelimelight #episodeink #episodecommunity #episodedirecting #episodeedit #episodeart #noticemeepisode #episodecreators #episodeforums #episodeedits #episodebaes #epiappreciateme #noticemedrea

nothing really! I don’t think it’s a matter of what you do, other than post a lot and wait
I’ve been featured too once, but it was very random, I hadn’t been posting frequently or anything like that


hmmm this is what it’s about

When you post,you tag #noticemeepisode then if thy like your edits then they pm you and ask whether they can feature your edit but sometimes even if you posted 4 months ago they can come back to you (do keep in mind it’s not like that all the time)

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So I’m sure you’ll get featuredd
keep your head high and be proud of yourselff

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Yeah I’m waiting for them to hopefully notice. Unless they look at edits more if you use that week’s art release outfits :thinking:

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that is actually a pretty good theory
:+1: :+1: :+1:

Thank you hun! I’m proud of all my edits I made and I tagged Episode everytime but recently I have been confused when I saw a few people get featured a couple times back to back and they only started editing a couple weeks ago

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hmm yea don’t worry i haven’t been featured too

you should be

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We’re on the same road :sweat_smile:

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:joy: :joy: :smiley: :smiley:

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