Where do I start?

Hi everyone! I am new to writing on here, and I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips on where to start. Do you start by directing the story, or do you need to make the cover first? I ask this because I notice that each episode is introduced with the customized cover art for the story, and then in some cases it has the “mature content” warning…how does one go about acquiring/creating those? Do you have to insert them into the introduction of each chapter? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


Hi :blush:

For this maybe checking Joseph Evans tutorials and Dara Amarie page is the best way to start, if you haven’t already. Also, as you need a minimum of three episodes to publish is the best to start by writing. Don’t forget to check the Content Guidelines.

If you want a drawn cover maybe looking for art shops on the Forums would be good because artists need time and have a personal life also. If you’re gifted on art, your issue is solved :sweat_smile:

Episode has this warning as BG or you can make your own splash but for example if you’re doing a highschool story with a life of regular teenager with cuss words maybe there’s no need to put it.

Sorry, if I said too much, it ended up being bigger than I expected :sweat_smile: