Where do you find the best directing and coding tricks?

I’ve read so many stories on Episode and I’m in awe of all the effects that I come across and I’m so intrigued by it, how do you script this? When I say effects I mean text effects on the title of the story during the intro and different overlay tricks…

Thanks in advance x

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I have a very visual brain and I just think of my story as if it were a TV show. When I’m writing a scene, I’ll just think of what it would look like if I was watching it on Netflix, and then I just try to replicate it. Using different camera angles, zooms, cuts, pans, etc. will do wonders for your story.


Thanks, yeah, I’m a visual learner too! I was referring to the coding tricks during the intro especially to avoid a static intro, if that makes sense? Thanks though! x

Ah, gotcha! Most of the tricks you see in intros is really just overlay work, whether it is the overlays being set to easein commands, or just having it shift, scale, and rotate in certain positions.

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Oh, thanks so much, it makes more sense now! x :smiley:

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What’s a good website to create title overlays x

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