Where do you get these particular backgrounds from?

I’ve seen backgrounds where it’s behind an alleyway or corridor, so it gives the illusion that a character is peeking behind and watching from the alleyway or corridor whilst the other characters are behind it… Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

My character is meant to overhear some other characters talking about something important and I want it to look like he’s watching from behind an ajar door. Please help me?

Thanks in advance x

They use overlays

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But I’ve seen custom made backgrounds, I can’t find them anymore.
Thanks though.

Hi in general you can have any background you want and upload it dtto goes for overlays - do you know how to upload your own background and overlay?
Do you know how to work with overlays?

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something like this?


I know how to upload backgrounds and overlays but I don’t know how to create or work with them… x

Kinda, I guess something like that would work

But I mean backgrounds like this:

I did mean something like this haha. Thank you!

Just need one of these and need to know who to give credit to as well x

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I keep putting threads in the wrong section lol
Thanks x

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Check this out :wink:

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Thanks, I already have this thread saved. I meant I don’t know how to create them mostly haha

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No problem, it happens. :smile:

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Oh ok lol

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I appreciate it though x

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If you use them credit me I did them based on your request. :slight_smile:

background credit @Farah_DeSantis

the 3 one ending png works as an overlay for the first one (the one without doors) so you can spot him behind the door And he still will be visible in the gap.

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Regarding the creating.

I use free images from sites like pixabay (this one is from there)

And then I do modify them in program GIMP (it is a free program)

Can be used also for making covers atc. it is not a very intuitive program, unfortunately - but some basic are also in Josep Evans videos.

Before I started writing on an episode I didn’t worked in that program and learned step by step the basis.

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Thank you!

Thanks x

you are welcome. :smiley:

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