Where Do You Get Your Inspiration?

EDIT: Anyone feel free to share where you get inspiration from, I think this could help a lot of upcoming writers, not just me!

Recently, I’ve been dying to create a story. I want to go full-on mode with it as well, starting off with actually writing the entire plot and such, and then actually directing, scripting, and creating. But I can’t find inspiration! I see so many wonderful stories, and all I want to do is to take bits and pieces of them and put them into one, but I know that A) that’s wrong, B) it will be a mess, and C) I won’t have as much fun writing it. Someone please tell me where you get inspired from!

I’m dying for inspiration, Blue.


My inspiration comes from dreams and the things I come across during the day :grin:

There are a lot of prompts online that you could look through, not to use but to read through and possibly be inspired enough that an idea would pop into your head.


Where would you reccomend I could find some of those prompts? EDIT: Nevermind, I found a tumblr page that works well!

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Personally, my favorite type of inspiration is music.
Sometimes I will just listen to music while I’m working or doing a project, just so I can listen to the message that the music is giving to help give me inspiration. Also from what I’ve experienced listening to music outside your comfort zone helps a ton, it makes you feel something that you aren’t used too and takes you outside your comfort zone.


I don’t know if it’ll help anyone else, but I get a lot of inspiration from photographs of scenery, instrumental music and various smells.
I don’t know if it’s my neurodivergent brain being weird, but these things create an atmosphere in my head, and I feel inspired to recreate that atmosphere in writing.
Like, if I see a picture of a beautiful beach, I suddenly feel inspired to write a tropical story. Or the sharp, clean scent of winter air might inspire me to write a story set somewhere snowy.


I get inspired from other episode stories, random thoughts i have and shows i watch. Also Things i read in the forums that help me think of things not to do lol


Music. Music. Music. SO many of my ideas are inspired by music. Sometimes I’ll dream of something good, but my main inspiration is definitely music. All types too! I don’t limit myself to just one genre but there are definitely genres that inspire me more than others. Also time spent outside or admiring nature. I like to go outside at night and stargaze with my cat. We’ll sit out and he’ll rest on my heart as I watch the stars. I find that incredibly inspiring as well. It’s some peaceful time for me and allows me to get lost in my houghts. Also showers are super helpful as well!! Lol I’ve had many ideas hit me in the shower. :joy:


This might sound weird but, I gain inspiration from playing video games.
One that really hit me was a PlayStation 1 game called Suikoden 2. It was a whole series. I play it from time to time because, I love it that much!
I also like a lot of dark sounding dramatic music without words. The type with lord of the ring type vibes to it. :sweat_smile: Idk, I just like to think of my own stories while listening.


Thank you guys so much, keep the answers rolling, I think this is helping more than just me now!

I’m ALWAYS finding inspiring songs before going on a writing marathon lol. Especially when I’m outlining, you need a solid playlist that fits the theme/ aura of your story. I have a lot of moody songs and artists (Daniel Caesar is the loml) and I keep myself excited about whatever story I’m writing by always jotting down new ideas wherever I am so I don’t forget. For me it’s SO easy to burn out whenever I hit a roadblock so just keep moving forward and good luck! Are you currently working on a story, if so what’s the title and what is it about?


For me, I think most of my inspiration comes from reading fan fiction or cartoons. I usually use just a topic from them, then I think about what kind of characters do I want and how do I want the plot to generally go. (Of course I have to ensure that I’m not copying off the source of inspiration) Once in a while I may get inspiration for a certain event in my story from the music I listen to, but other than that… pure imagination…? (Ironically, imagination and inspiration mean practically the same thing…)

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For me, when I tend to sleep I dream a lot, somehow my brain tend to get creative and usually fabricate some really good stories, but lmao I forget 90% of them and took the 10% as the inspiration, in addition to that, I get inspired by everyday events too!

Also I refrained from reading other people works to get inspiration because it may lead to unconscious copying


I’m not currently working on a story, no. I’m trying to find inspiration to start one!

Haha! I wish I could dream as good as you. I just had a dream about how my gym teacher was actually the husband of the CEO of the Barbie company. During class he was advertising these Barbies, but they were life size? And he was talking about how the Barbies could be customized, and he used me as an example…! THEN HE DROVE A LIFESIZE BARBIE CAR OUT OF NOWHERE INTO THE GYM. It was great.


Barbies?? Wow, your dream is also pretty imaginative. I’m now thinking of a shady plot in which that gym teacher is actually kidnapping young girls and turning them into life sized dolls… and his wife is in it. Disturbing, but yeah, that’s the first thought that popped in my head.

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HAHAHHA! You can totally use that, and I’d read it too! :joy::joy:

Haha, nah, I can’t write creepy stories at all! But hey, you can go use it if you ever want to write a story of this genre! It was born out of your dream after all! ^^

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Actually, my inspirations come from my dreams and thoughts. I don’t know, it just pops up to my mind and them walla! I have an idea!

Also, some inspiration comes from music, poems, other stories and etc.

I go by what I say, “Inspiration is EVERYWHERE”


Most of my story idea or stories I wrote in my mind are from dreams and thoughts


I almost ALWAYS find inspiration by a random thought that pops in my head and I then roll with it. The end result is usually very different from the first idea but it’s the spark that starts it all and it’s so important!


Someone once told me: “Write about what you’re passionate about, not what you think the readers will like.” I for one am obsessed with Greek and Roman mythology, so I’m writing about Greek myths. If you write about something you think will make it on the trending, it will show. Don’t force inspiration, let it come to you.