Where do you make/find these amazing episode covers?

Could you share someone’s contacts? I mean, those covers I’ve seen so far were gorgeous, i’m Looking for someone who could make one for me based on descriptions of what I want, we will discuss your terms💕

I’ll see if my boyfriend is up for it… he does a lot of my amazing character drawings. His forte is characters, so if you want a character-heavy drawing, he might be okay with that… once he’s done my new one :eyes:

But I’ll let him speak for himself


Thank you, that would be great! I asked my friend to make a drawing of what I want, now I just need someone to make a similar cover🙏

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Here’s some of my stuff he’s done in the meantime for you to check out!

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That are absolutely amazing, I especially like a “Good witch cover”, and I must say his style is something I could relate to. But I have a question, can he also work with a background as I’ll need some lightings, stars kinda things… don’t even know how to explain it, that’s what I see in anime arts a lot:) (just an example)

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Things like pretty lens flares? I’d be up for something like this when i have the time ^^

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Ok, let me know then, and also you could tell me your terms:) I mean I understand that’s not an easy thing, I’d like to do something in exchange, pay or smth, just let me know then:)

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I’d be more than happy to chat it out when i have a bit of time!

And that’s very generous of You, thank you!

We can have a sit down and talk out all the details and whatnot for what you want me to draw. I don’t mind how specific or otherwise you want it.

And with regards to payment we can discuss that as well, it’ll be my first commission so I won t charge a silly amount ^^