Where do you see the border between small, midsize and big author?

Exactly! Probably that’s why the stories of new authors (which are really good) should be promoted more.

Episode will always promote most the one who make them most money - nothing wrong about that - its logical since after all they are comertial company.
But they actually do in my opinion a lot to let the small authors be seen too - like all the shelfs where they usually put stories which have just smaller amout of reads… I know many complain that small author have it hard but I beieve that if you are really good you will be seen in time - it just will not happen in month or so as many probably hope.

It took me 2 years to dig my first story from the bottom to decent place in its genre - only extremply rarely there are first time publishers which got their 1 story immediatelly extremly popular - I believe great example of such superstar is the story Mystery on Hanging Hill Lane it rised up like a rocket and before it was even finished episode bought it and features it… so even this is possible but as said most will need much more time to get their story visible.

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Of course.

Yeah, the shelves are good for promoting.

That story is really good.

Well, I meant to say that for me when you say he/she is a “big” author then we have this image in mind that their stories are good. But that’s not always the case.

This is out of topic. Sorry.


I either seen it as

  • Millions of reads = big author
  • Hundreds of thousands of reads = mid size author
  • thousands/hundreds and below amount of readers = smaller author


  • Advanced coding/directing = big author/mid sized author including the reader amount
  • basic coding/directing = mid sized/ small author including the reader amount
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