Where does everyone get their dialog/ scene inspiration from?

I was thinking of creating a story, but I’m not that creative so i’m completely lost when it comes to interesting scene ideas, conversations characters have and narrators. I’ve read a bunch of episode stories and authors are so creative and I don’t want mine to be boring. So, where does everyone get their ideas from? Also I already have a story and plot i think i’m gonna stick with, but i feel like each scene is gonna happen way too fast.

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Honestly it just pops up in my head. Sometimes it’s inspired by scenes from movies i just modify it to my “flavour”. Sometimes it comes from music videos. A scene in my story where the MC and LI jump off a skyscraper to escape people pursuing them came from No Tears Left to Cry by Ariana.


A lot of the dialogue comes from my mind (just like what @/ChrisWrites said), so I write whatever I’m thinking of. I think you should do that, too! Just write whatever comes to you, and then edit afterwards. I’m also heavily inspired by my mother tongue (which has a lot of insults :joy:) so I tend to use these insults (or similar ones) in my story :nerd_face: You should also check out writing prompts, they are awesome! :blob_hearts:

Another thing is finding inspiration from your life experiences (in addition to material from the media). I’ve taken a few things I’ve learned in my courses and inputted them into my stories. For example, if you include a scene with a prof teaching a class, you could research a topic BUT if you already know something because you learned it, why not add it in? :smiley:


Hey there!

If you really want to make sure your episode story has flavor and won’t be bland and predictable, here are some steps I would take:

1. Planning Your Story:


Take the time to plan out your story from start to finish so you don’t have what commonly happens when you “go with the flow”, WRITERS BLOCK!

2. Inspirations:


When your writing a story try to think of stories where the plot-twist was unbelievable. Whether that be an episode story or a novel you really enjoyed, pull the aspects of what made the twists and dialogue so refreshing! Try to mimic or find the points that made it seem so great, and put into your story!

3. Using Modern Technology (AI):


I understand that you might think that putting your story through AI might be “cheating”, but it is really helpful. If you want to learn how to reword phrases or make them have certain zing to them, AI might be able to help structure your sentence better so it hits the reader right! Another tip is to ask AI for possible plot-twists you could add into the story. I always love to see what my friend Chat-GPT recommends!

All tips aside, just know it’s YOUR story! So if YOU like the dialogue, then don’t worry about a second pair of eyes! If your really finding trouble, ask around for a co-author, or an editor so you can make sure you have that base covered!

Hope this all helped!
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I typically come up with an emotion I want to show, specific character trait / motivation or ideas I want to explore more and use the characters to push through the scenes. I think, in traditionally and self published books, I tend to focus way more on characters and character interaction than plot. So I like to start with making/deciding characters and their motivation and base the story off of that more than the plot structure.

Sometimes I can get an idea from a song lyric (I like a lot of metaphorical(?) type lyrics which makes it easy). Like one of the songs I listened to had a lyric that brought up the imagery of an overflowing wishing well, so I wrote a story using a wishing well as a comparison for the emotions of the main character that centered on the “theme” of being so full of something, that you become empty. Which sounds weird but I think it turned out good lol. Other times I’ll just write out what I want to write in the moment and it can A) be a complete chapter or B) happen later in the story / be a cool idea that rots in the current draft until I make a story that fits with it. :sweat_smile:

A lot of the times, dialogue or narrations that I find interesting come from writing out my emotions or what I imagine someone’s emotions would be like in x situation / what perspective are they coming in with. I either put it in or keep it in my notes for inspiration. Or again, just something metaphorical.

Like, one of my stories use a cardboard standee as a metaphor for the main character’s stagnation and represents how easily an illusion of a person can be “shattered”. In another draft I have, a person states they used another person for political gain and when the second person finds out they say something along the lines of “Have a lot to say, ____? Maybe you should use your own voice instead of a ‘mouthpiece’.” Because their character would rather quip back or be nasty than act hurt or try to understand the situation more lol.


I base a lot of my characters on people I know. My wife who used to be my editor said, “there’s a little of me in every character you’ve written,” and there’s a little of me too.

Listen to how others speak. Everyone has a unique way of expressing themselves.

A writer friend of mine complained that he felt every character in every play sounded just like him, and having read his plays I had to agree. I suggested that in the short term, at least, he “cast the roles in your head with famous people you know how they sound,” especially actors with distinctive personalities. That helped. And I use this technique myself from time to time when I’m trying to visualize a scene.

I did improvisation for years so I got practice in finding a character and staying in character regardless of the situation. If there’s an improv class near you I recommend trying it. It’s made a difference with my anxiety too.

Try writing fanfics (not here of course because Episode doesn’t allow it, but just for practice. Like, imagine a scene of characters you know well, doing something ordinary like the trio from Harry Potter taking their driver’s exams. Or the table conversation between the Avengers at the shawarma place.


Korean dramas, different songs, and the people I know.

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