Where is "Baddest"?


I started reading a story named “Baddest”.But I cant find it now.Can anyone tell me what happened to


Same, I was almost done the story. I think The author ( Hope Moon) unpublished her story.


Thanks for the info! I thought my there was something wrong with my app


I think it may have been banned. If you click on the link from the author’s IG profile, a message comes up saying that the story has been removed.


That story basically romanized the black market.


Well I’m glad I wasn’t the only one looking for that story!! Wish it was back up!!!


If it was removed it was because it had content against episode guidelines so you can’t read it


It was banned. I clicked on it and it said banned due to inappropriate content. Later it disapeared out of my favorites



I really loved this story :confused:


Yes they kind of did.Then the writer explained that wasn’t the purpose and something and also added a scene where she tells human trafficking is not alright.Though the reason for its being banned may be is justified


How come you are seeing this caution :disappointed_relieved: . I searched the story name like crazy in the app search bar but they didn’t even show the name in the search result.May be something is wrong with my app


Who’s with me for trying to get the story back considering the fact that the story involved black market but there are also HUNDREDS of stories on Episode that involve worse things than black market-some stories are basically stuck on drug trafficking/drug use,abusive relationships,suicide and even prostitution. All those topics are just as bad. And besides by the last chapters released the topic of “black market” wasn’t as pronounced, it was more regarding pregnancy, weddings, family and friends and loyalty towards the ones that mean the most in their lives!

If I’m alone in the fight to get the story back, so be it. But for other fans of this story it would be nice to have your support!!

Thanks in advance guys!! xxxx


Your app is fine. That screenshot I posted showed up for like day when I clicked on it in my favorites then the story disappeared from my favorites and cannot be found by a search.


Are we sure it was banned because of its content and not because it was basically plagiarising “Kissed by the Baddest Bidder”? Coz I didn’t read very much of it, but the premise sound suspiciously similar…


I don’t know but my screenshot of episode’s pop up on the story said it was banned for inappropriate content.


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