Where is everyone from?


Hey! how yalls doing? it’s 11:00 at night here in california lol

just wondering, where’s everyone from? What’s the timezone/weather like?

wanna meet new people and make friends :slight_smile:


Born in America, Jamaican background, and Canadian citizen
what about you??


I’m from Serbia, And currently it’s 12pm :serbia:


India and 3.44 pm :upside_down_face:
I am hungryyy :no_mouth:


Philippines!! 6:48 pm … I like waffles :no_mouth::neutral_face: (k that was random)


I’m from Italy, 12:55. I’m for my parents to drop me home-


im form England and now moved to noob land



I‘m from Germany :smiley:


שלום :slight_smile:

I’m from Israel and It’s 17:23pm RN


I’m from Spain, Madrid.
It’s 16:27 pm right now
It sunny and hot but we are in autumn



Ethnically Bangladeshi and I am cold.

It is noww 15:30


I’m from New Mexico but now I live in Texas. Right now it’s 9:32am and I’m tired :sweat:


I am from the Netherlands :netherlands:
It’s now 4:33 PM here!


I’m from Great Britain and its 4:25. I am 1/4 Welsh aswell with a bit of American.


I am from Quebec city, Canada and it is now 13:48


Sydney, Australia. 4:20 AM. I have no idea why I’m awake.


Hawaii, USA. it’s currently 8:21am and 84 degrees fahrenheit


I’m from Toronto, Canada but I’m currently living in China (exact opposite time)


Born in america tooooo and asian


My bestie is also half german and half american :slight_smile: