Where is everyone?


Is it just me or is there barely anyone left on the forums? I feel like there’s less people now. I put up a contest a few days ago and there are only a few people joining :sweat: Are people being banned or something?


What was the contest?


I would like to join.


I noticed that too. I took a week break from the forums (unintentionally to do some fun activities with friends in real life. I had a blast!) But when I came back on Saturday I noticed there was a different vibe from everyone. I usually do art contests and stuff but for some reason I feel like im drifiting away from the Episode Forums and more towards other platforms. I heard some people did get banned/silenced though. :woman_shrugging:


Thanks, here’s the link:


Yeah, it’s really weird. I’m glad you had fun though :grin:


I am still heree.





I’m here too! :rofl::blush:


Yes! I’m not alone anymore!





Lol I guess some of us still have social life, and then there is me… in my corner eating bag of chips and watching horror movies .:no_mouth:


How do you add gif ? :thinking:


That’s actually me. I’m super bored.


It’s also summer break for a lot of folks so I think many people are on vacation.


If you copy/paste the url of the gif into the text field it should auto add the image for you once posted :slight_smile: :nerd_face:


That’s true. I really need a vacation right about now.


“You are not alonee, but I’m here for you
Although your far away
I’m here to stay”



Thanks :nerd_face: