Where is the lipstick prop?


Where’s the lipstick prop?


In the prop section right here:


I looked there, I didn’t see it :confused:


Oh wait my bad. It’s a hidden prop so it won’t appear there but you can try this code and see if it works in your script:

@add Lipstick to CHARACTER

And just a quick heads up, the prop won’t show up in the web previewer, boot it up in your phone and you should be able to see it. :grin:


Cheers for the reply @EpisodeAfra! Closing thread :v:t2:




Thread reopened as we are unsure of the outcome of this. @Kls12s can you confirm if this has worked? Thanks a bunch!


Not the original poster, but I gave it a try!

It doesn’t work on LL - understandably - there’s no prop for Lipstick.

On INK, it works just fine! But, yes - you do have to view it in the app to see the lipstick, as it doesn’t show up in the web previewer


It worked, thank you