Where is the unity in this community?

I don’t know the whole story. So, hopefully you don’t take this the wrong way.

They don’t owe you anything. They likely gave you honest feedback on your story. I know it must have sucked to get that from someone you had hoped to impress.

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I think the issue here is less the review itself and more the action of unfollowing, blocking and generally just being rude where @nattyjames.epi felt personally hurt by it

But in all fairness, if the review was just blatantly honest, criticism can really hurt, and if the author was being true to her word then just got to suck it up and keep working towards improving. But we don’t know if the review was constructive criticism or actually just trashing it :thinking:

Either way, the actions post- review were not necessary and are quite hurtful


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I’m not saying they owe me anything nor do I certainly think that…you’re right you don’t know the whole story. My point for bringing this up is to shine light in the fact that when you’ve gone out of your way to support and show nothing but love to these bigger authors that some of them seem to feel entitled and think it’s okay to treat people anyway.

Not once did I mention I was upset because of the review, what disappointed me was that person’s actions when I as a fan of their work went out of my way to big them up and show them appreciation…

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I would like to know their side of the story. Perhaps there was a reason from unfollowing.

It is unfortunate that things obviously took a sour turn.

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The issue was definitely not the review at all. I definitely appreciate constructive criticism and truly appreciate the feedback I get that others give when they have read my story.

The issue is that some of these authors who will like they’re bigger than people sometimes portray the idea that they don’t care about people who consider themselves their fans.

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No I completely agree with you, both sides of the just as important
In this case, @nattyjames.epi was expressing her side and was obviously hurt, and as someone whose experienced something similar I’m going to empathise with her

Obviously, I would appreciate to know the authors perspective as well but that’s not available to us.

At the end of the day, everyone’s feelings are relevant and should be treated as such :relaxed:


that’s what i was sayinnnn’

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Girl in all honesty it was a pretty poor review. She dinged me for things that were based off of ones personal opinion…things I had never been judged on before like the length of the episode, going on and on about how it was way too long and she didn’t like long episodes and marking me cause I didn’t have a comma here and there, when in all honesty everyone’s writing style is different. I’d understand being marked for grammar or spelling but commas…idk lol like said the review didn’t matter. I spoke to her about judging things based off your personal opinion and she mentioned she’d change it and that she was glad I spoke to her about how I felt…I forgot all about it and continued admiring her for her work and her talent and then she just chose to do what she did. It came out of left field.

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Commas are grammar though :pleading_face:

She was probably making some valid points but was laying them over in a bad way that wasn’t constructive or helpful
If you want I could do a review for you and help you out?


yeah I think the big authors in this community can be unnecessarily rude and/or dramatic unless if they act professionally. I find that the authors who are actually adults and have life experience are much more tame but even then this community is annoying af lmao.


I agree with you on that. Commas are grammar. My secret is that I’m a professional proofreader for a living so I read and correct errors with grammar, spelling and punctuation all day but in my story I feel is the one place I could be free without having to worry about if I intentionally choose to not put a comma here and there lol. I feel like what also made this not so nice mainly was cause I told her I was revamping the story so a lot was going to be changed and she went ahead moved forward with doing it anyway. :pleading_face:

And yes, I wouldn’t mind that at all. If you’re up for it, it’s most welcomed. :slight_smile:


She could be reminding you or wanted to say it anyway because she didnt know exactly what to do

I get a little defensive on behalf of the popular authors sometimes. I should have kept my mouth shut :zipper_mouth_face:

I feel that they often get unnecessarily bashed and hassled by struggling authors. I know that isn’t what you’re doing. I was just being prickly.


I’m can imagine they do get a lot of unnecessary sh*t from some people :joy:

I’ll give it a peep and PM you when I’ve read some chapters xx

No worries! I don’t mean to sound like I’m bashing them at all. As I mentioned there have been quite a few bigger authors who I’ve come across in this community who have been extremely kind and helpful to me and to those who are a whole lot smaller than them. I was just shining light on this situation in saying that I wish that more of them could be nicer, kinder and helpful to more people like those authors I’ve met who’ve been nicer and kind to me.

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Hmm, :thinking:. That is an interesting point there girl.

thanks :slight_smile:

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Hello @nattyjames.epi! Welcome to community! :blush:

Tell me about it, the entitlement of some people…

How many times? Cuz I had a lot and I’m pretty sure mine is a world record :joy:

That makes me mad, people are comparing themselves to authors with millions of reads. An author with 2 million reads in total of course is considered a small author regards to an author with 18 million reads in total… That’s why I don’t like using small or big by numbers and use ranking instead. Believe me, there are so many people who claim they are “small” authors with 10k reads and #50 ranking. :roll_eyes:

Haha this happened to me too, I thought I was the only one and was a magnet for bad vibes :joy:

:thinking: after everything you’ve done for them they just unfollow you without any words? Oh wow.

:roll_eyes: the entitlement of this person is beyond me :roll_eyes:

A lot of them, maybe not all, but a lot of them. Not just big authors too. Literally anyone. You have to be really careful in this community.

Which one? :rofl: I had a lot of similar things. I could go on and on, but it’d be recognizable, so I won’t do it.

The person who blocked you when you unfollowed them is childish. Please don’t let people like this get into your mind. And just a word of the wise, don’t interact with a lot of people. Be yourself and you will find people who will be with you no matter what. :blush: