Where My Gamers at?

Calling all gamers :video_game:!

Does anyone play video games? If so, what platform and what games?

I mainly play Overwatch.


… I mean I used to play moviestarplanet but I don’t think that’s what you were looking for :joy: :woman_shrugging:

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Not quite lol :joy:

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Omg hello fellow gaming enthusiast :upside_down_face:

Whilst I do not have a gaming console sadly (I have an original Wii which is cool but other than that I do not own a console) I love watching gamers on YouTube play video games and if I did have a console I would be playing games for hoursss

Games (for PC and console) I love includeee:

  • the walking dead (telltale)
  • Detroit become human
  • Life is Strange (not any of the sequels tho)
  • Until Dawn (my favourite game ever)
  • Little Misfortune (I lost interest in Fran Bow but I watched little misfortune all the way through and I recommend it)
  • Doki Doki Literature club
  • FNAF is always a good one, especially for the lore (I played UCN)

also regarding the Wii I have been playing Mario Kart for 11 years and have nailed rainbow road multiple times and it’s one of my greatest achievements in life


Those are literally all my favourite games im guessing you like choice based games with some action like me just with the addition of some online multiplayer horror games like Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th

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That’s so cool! And yes story based action games are just really addictive to me and when youtubers make it into some kind of series it kind of gets me hooked and I have to watch all of it :joy:

I think I’ve heard of dead by daylight, is it another zombie game? I love all of those


Same I mostly watch YouTubers play these games then if it looks good I end up playing it myself

DBD description (kinda long)

DBD is a game with 4-5 people who have to light up generators around the map with one killer chasing them. If you get caught the killer puts you on a giant hook but your teammates can come and get you off it but you’ll be limping and you can go on the hook a maximum of 3 times before you die. Basically the aim of the game is to light up all the generators without making a mistake on one as that alerts the killer where you are but yeah the aim is to escape get to the exit after lighting all the generators before the killer reaches you

It’s pretty gory but really fun to play with other people and there’s a variety of movie killers like Freddy Kruger and Ghost face


I’d totally recommend playing it if you don’t mind seeing blood


Oh wow yeah it sounds really cool. I’m sure I’ve seen youtubers like felix (Pewdiepie) and Jack play it together before actually


I play Xbox and I mostly play my favorite game which is the first Star Wars Battlefront on it :slight_smile:

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Ooh hello, nice thread! :video_game:x
Anyone play Uncharted?


very expensive gamer pc (which is mostly used for sims)

consoles I own
gameboy advance
nintendo dsi
nintendo 3ds
nintendo switch
psp vita

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I wanna play these games so bad, but parents won’t let me loll

I played the first episode of Life is Strange and I watched a lot of gameplay of Life is Strange! I ship Max and Warren lmao. I watched gameplay of Until Dawn and Detroit become Human loll

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Same lol!

I play… on ps2 and nintendo wii and ds :joy:

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Minecraft all the WAY!


Guild Wars 2
Stardrew Valley



CoD series (2, 3) + modern warfare
Dragon Age

Other series at our house:
Bad Company
Black ops (CoD)
Assassin’s Creed
The list can go in

We also have a bunch of childhood games and I did have a Nintendo :blob_hearts:


I just got stardew valley. it was on sale so thought it was about time


I played a bit of Dark Souls but I raged quit since I can’t even defeat the first boss fight :sob:

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