Where’s “Your Dad, My Daddy”?

Does anyone know if this story will still be continued?

I know that it have been ban from episode, but I’m still confused if the story will be back or not. The authors instagram page have been gone. So I don’t have any news if the story will be continued.

But I am still hoping that the story can be continued, cause I really loved the way how the story goes and the characters also the plot.

If any of you guys have any helpful information about “Your Dad, My Daddy” please help me

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I’ve never heard of the story. What was it about? If it contained highly explicit content, it’s very possible it could’ve been banned.

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Unfortunately, the author left the community after her story got banned and is not coming back.

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Thank you so much for the information :blush:

It’s such a shame to hear that news. I really liked the story though :sob:

You’re welcome! It is very sad. :frowning: She was just too deflated after everything that happened. I can’t blame her. She did tell everyone on insta how the story would have ended before she deleted her account. I can tell you if you like!

Sadly this story and the author was banned from episode. Its so sad because this was one of my favorite stories and she was a really great author. Episode found out that she was getting directing help from a banned author and therefore banned her account. They didn’t hear her out at all and unfortunately she won’t be continuing any of her stories on episode or otherwise. smh

Please tell me how the story ended :sweat_smile:

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