Where Should My MC And Her Mother Move To?

Hi guys. Since I’m currently writing the script for the pilot episode, where do you think the MC and mother should move to, since her brother is staying behind in Mexico? Because I’m currently trying to find a city and I’m stuck on finding a home for them to live in. Because the parents are a music producer and fashion designer. So, if anyone has any ideas, please tell me.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I would suggest Los Angeles, California since there’s a lot of opportunities for music and fashion there.

Another option is Charlotte, North Carolina, because I don’t feel like that city is often used for a setting despite it being one of the biggest cities in the United States?

Music - Los Angeles
Fashion - New York

I suggest using either of these!

Oooh. Okay. Since Music is the main focus of my story, I’ll have them move there first and then New York. Because there are a lot of backgrounds that I can use for both locations. Thanks :slight_smile:

Actually, I’m going to divide their time between L.A. and New York, so that way it would be easier for them, instead of staying in one city. Thanks for the suggestion though. :slight_smile:

As a North Carolinian we support. :relieved: :fist:t2:

The L.A and New York sounds good!

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