Where to add character narration?

where does everyone add character narration? ex.

“His eyes were the color of fresh caramel, they intrigued me, really.”

where do you add it? i always add it in such awkward spots where i think it fits but figure out later on, it doesn’t. someone heLP?

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in the speech bubble or like in the big box?

I always add mine in the center, sometimes.

i meant kinda like, where in the story i should add it. not on the screen, but like after a specific scene? during a scene? idk i always mess it up

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ok, yeah i think your kinda messing it up a bit, but take your time, you dont need to rush. You can add it any where you want. Its your story. If it fits perfectly after the first scene, then do it. :wink:

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But, I would say add it in the middle of a scene.

It’s completely up to you where you want it and if it fits in the particular scene, it’s your story after all.

Hmm, it’s really up to you. But I use narratation when the character is deep in thought, or whenever something major happens. I suggest you don’t rush it though, it will come when it feels right eventually.